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About Us


Obscure Acres is a not-for-profit, family-owned and operated business.


Our beloved Pedigree Satin Angora rabbits are ethically raised. As such we only offer a limited number of our soft, snugly, friendly bunnies to be sold per year.

We breed our bunns to be extraordinary fiber producers, loving pets, and calm therapy animals. Obscure Acres delivers our bunns by hand to Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and some parts of Massachusetts.

At Obscure Acres we offer both shorn and hand plucked fiber for sale. Our shorn fiber is coarser, with a richer deeper color, and is more cost effective. While our hand plucked is fiber is softer, of optimal length, and retains its natural texture at each end. Both shorn and hand plucked fiber is sold premium quality, harvested from the shoulders and back only. All fiber is unwashed or processed. It is then frozen and stored in ridged containers. The fiber then arrives to our customers in half ounce boxes with windows. 


Currently At Obscure Acres we sell three grades of manure, from Premium to Home Style. We also offer Rabbit Brew Tea, both starter sets and refills. Our bunns eat a bounty of fresh produce, organic hay, and nutrient rich feed. Because of this they produce a considerable amount of healthy luscious manure. We in turn are able to offer these vastly superior fertilizers to our customers.Our fertilizers are cold dried, never baked in the sun to dry. Thus, retaining all naturally occurring benefits within the manure. Once dried, it is cold stored for a minimum of four months, allowing our customers to place directly onto vegetable gardens. 

Currently we are in the process of building our forever farm in Maine. During this time we will be operating out of both our New Hampshire and Maine locations. Once fully established in Maine we will breed goats, and offer Mohair fiber as well

The One That Started It All, Mr. Bunns

When our adult daughter called to say she wanted to move back home with an indoor rabbit in tow, I was awash with mixed feelings. There was the part of me that said "Of course my daughter always has a home with me". On the other hand there  was the part that said "A rabbit? In the house? No way!" But, my daughter wanted to come home, and he was an indoor bunn, so . . . .

Enter Oliver, AKA Mr. Bunns     


When this creature came to live in my home, I was not pleased. Back then, I thought of rabbits as being  dirty, mean, and, dumb. Something to bite you if given the chance. 


However, shortly after Oliver moved in, my mind started to change. 

I began to realize how smart he was. What a sweet and caring boy he could be. He was anything but mean or nasty. And did I mention he was super clean? Both he himself and his home were kept in very tidy conditions.

Over time, Oliver and I became close. As a  Registered Nurse, I enjoyed doting over him. I found myself adoring grooming time. This  closeness between myself and such a small fragile, welcoming creature quieted my soul. Plucking his thick fur simply became a soothing and relaxing past time.


With such enjoyment from grooming, I began investigating other rabbit breeds. Searching for just the perfect kind of rabbit to pluck. After countless research, I decided on the Satin Angora.


We purchased our first rabbits in 2020, and from there Obscure Acres was born.

We thank you for your patience as we grow, and hope you enjoy all we have to offer, now and years to come.

     Some of our future endeavors include

but are not limited to sales of:


Fiber rovings 

Hand spun yarn 

Mohair fiber

and more!

As always we thank you for your love and support!

Your Founder Kelly Hodgdon & all of us at Obscure Acres

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