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Introducing Miss Flower My Beauty, and her name doesn’t begin to fully describe her. She is utterly appealing, from her graceful stance to her thick, luxurious wool. She is gentle, delicate, charming, and elegant. She keeps her home and herself immaculate. She is very kind, and social. She loves to nestle up with you, and will stay there as long as you allow her to. 


She is a Blue Tort Pedigree Satin Angora rabbit, daughter of Raisin, born 2/19/2020. Flower came to us via The Audacious Angora Farm in Newport, Maine. She is a substantial fiber-producer. She has a coat that is overflowing in creamy, fluffy, silky, long, gorgeous wool with an average fiber length of 6 to 7 inches. Her temperament makes her a wonderful pet, fiber-producer, therapy animal, and Dam. These are traits we look for in her offspring. Please see our Upcoming Liters and Available Bunns page for more details.


Sorry, Flower is not for sale at this time, but her fiber is.

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