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Our Bunns


At Obscure Acres, our bunnies’ well-being, health, and happiness are valued above all else. For this reason their care and living environment must meet strict guidelines.


Our bunns are housed indoors in a clean, climate- controlled setting. Each is provided their own spacious pen filled with plenty of interactive toys, comfy resting mats, fresh water, nutrient-rich feed, organic fresh greens, and hay. We have multiple large indoor play areas, and readily ensure each snuggle puff has exercise time daily. 

Our Pedigree Satin Angora Rabbits are raised to hold traits and temperaments which make them perfect pets or therapy animals. We carefully nurture each naturally loving, and easy going spirit throughout their  development. Each bunn receives gentle hand held care daily starting at three weeks of age. This means that when he or she arrives to our customers, they not only are familiar with being handled, groomed, and snuggled, but they enjoy and look forward to it as well. 

Our Pedigree Satin Angora Rabbits are also bred to hold characteristics which make them ideally suited as the next line of Dams or Sires, as well as to be producers of the thickest, most exquisite fiber. Satin Angoras are amongst the easiest angora rabbits to groom. We typically groom our rabbits weekly with a high power blower. (Sorry, we do not have blowers for sale on this site. But we highly recommend the K9 Fluffer Dog Dryer Variable speed 6.5 amp. It’s expensive for "just a blower”, averaging  around $300. But, it’s soooo worth it!) Our rabbits thoroughly enjoy being blown out. Doing so regularly will prevent the fibers from tangling, thus requiring the rabbit to


be shorn. Though you will have a little cleaning up around the derriere to do from time to time with a comb. 

All fiber is removed at harvest time, twice per year when the fur is ready to release on its own.  The fiber collection is done gently, either via sheering or the hand plucking method. Please see our Fiber tab for more info on this topic.

Unfortunately, at Obscure Acres we neither have visitors to the farm or bring our rabbits out to Rabbit Show Competitions. That is not to say we do not want visitors, or that our bunns do not qualify for showing. Instead, due to the ever prevalent Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease (RHD) we would rather not take the chance. If you are unfamiliar with this disease please see the sidebar for more information.

Please feel free to contact us at anytime with any questions or concerns
you might have in regards to our bunns. 


Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease (RHD)

RHD is a  highly contagious virus with no treatment options available. The virus attacks a rabbit's internal organs, taking hold abruptly resulting in a painful horrific death.  RHD is transmitted easily by active or passive transfer. The virus  is found in all rabbit bodily fluids. Meaning it can be coughed, urinated, drooled, or defecated out, and passed onto another rabbit. RHD is very stable in the environment. The virus can last 100 days at room temperature, or longer if it’s cold, as it is resistant to freezing. With this in mind, humans (and other animals) can unknowingly carry the virus with them on their shoes, hands, or clothing. Once RHD gains entry into a rabbitry it will rapidly spread throughout the population resulting in a 90% - 100% death rate.

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