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Our Fertilizers

Our Premium Blend Rabbit Manure

Our Premium Grade

Our Home Style Blend Rabbit Manure

At Obscure Acres our rabbits eat a bountiful amount of nutrient rich foods. In turn, they produce lavish amounts of rich, healthy, luscious, organic manure.

We cold dry our manure for a minimum of four days. Our process of cold drying prevents the manure from leeching it’s nutrients prior to use. This loss of nutrients often occurs when rabbit pellets are dried in the sun.

Our manure is then carefully hand sifted and packaged in breathable protective packaging, according to grade. Currently we sell three grades of manure, from Premium to Home Style. Premium grade offers minimal hay, hair, or other debris. While our Grade B rabbit manure has medium amounts, and our Home Style Blend is unfiltered. The average weight of each bag is roughly two to three lbs.


Our bags of rabbit manure are stored in dark, cool conditions for a minimum of four months. This ageing process allows our manure to be directly placed in edible gardens.

Rabbits can occasionally be infected with Giardia duodenalis and Cryptosporidium spp. Transmission of these pathogens from rabbits to people (or dogs) has not been reported at this time.


To further reduce the risk of food borne illness, the Colorado State University Extension advises rabbit manure be aged for at least 120 days before applying it to food crops.

At Obscure Acres we also offer Organic Rabbit Manure Tea, also known as Bunny Brew.

Our Home Style Blend

No this is not a tea you drink. Instead, it is rabbit manure which  has been dissolved in water to form a tea-colored super fertilizer. Just about any floral, edible, garden, container, or orchard vegetation will benefit from its use. (Except for root crops which need more potassium than nitrogen which Bunny Brew is loaded with!) 

Currently we offer our tea in both starter sets and refills which can then be added to sprayers or watering cans.

We will be in touch soon. Thanks!

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