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Rabbit Manure Benefits

  • Increasing soil aeration 

  • Increasing water infiltration in soil

  • Improving the moisture-holding capacity of soil 

  • Increasing soil carbon 

  • Reducing atmospheric carbon levels

  • Reducing soil erosion and runoff 

  • Reducing nitrate leaching from soil 

  • Reducing the energy demands for natural gas-intensive nitrogen fertilizers

  • Decreasing soil density 

  • Building soil’s structure 

  • Improving soil porosity 

  • Adding to soil stability

Studies have shown . . . 

  • Rabbit manure fertilizers can be used as an alternative to conventional fertilizers!

  • Rabbit manure fertilizers will have better storability with low enzymatic browning, as compared to other fertilizers!

  • Rabbit manure fertilizers will result in a significant increase in yield when compared to conventional fertilizers and other organic treatments!

  • Rabbit manure fertilizers have shown a lower microbial load on fresh lettuce heads!

  • Rabbit manure fertilizers have significantly reduced polyphenol oxidase and peroxidase activity.

  • Rabbit manure benefits the environment by:

  • Rabbit manure amends the soil by:

Just as we humans need to eat nutritional foods to maintain our health, soil needs a continual replenishment of organic matter. This  organic matter  decomposes into humus. Humus helps create a rich, moisture-retaining soil. While also making nutrients available to plants. Never causing nutrient lockout, affecting drinking water, or causing eutrophication.

Transplant _edited.jpg
  • Rabbit manure replenishes and enriches the soil because it has both micro and macronutrients.

  • Rabbit manure is a valuable sourse of good bacteria, which helps convert nutrients for plants use. It holds nutrients for plants and other organisms.

  • Rabbit manure makes humus:

  • Rabbit manure significantly increases the soil's contents of total nitrogen, organic carbon, total fungi, and good bacteria.

  • Rabbit manure has nearly zero odor.

  • Rabbit manure is easy to use/ handle and incorporate into the soil.

  • Rabbit manure is safe to use with seedlings. 

Rabbit manure is a vastly superior manure, to all other manures! It has four times more nutrients than horse or cow, and it's a cold manure!

Cold Manure

  • Cold manure can be spread directly on plant life, without being aged first unlike “hot manure”. 

  • Cold manure will not burn your plants, unlike “hot manure”.

  • Cold manure will release nutrients more slowly than “hot manure”, extending the time nutrients are available to plants. 

  • Cold manure decreases the amount of manure needed in subsequent years.

  • Cold manure is suitable to use on gardens, lawns, flowering plants, shrubbery, and trees.

For example: Chicken, Cow, Horse 

  • All other manures, or "hot manures", need to be composted for months before they can be safely used. If not broken down first,  the vegetation will burn. 

  • Hot manures inhibit seed formation.

Hot Manures

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