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Rabbit Manure Has A Variety Of Uses 

Every bag of our rabbit manure comes with instructions for use.

  • Use in the fall as a nutrient supplement to your soil after a prosperous growing season

  • Use in early spring to midsummer as a direct top dressing (SEE SIDEBAR)

  • Use to help lock moisture in the soil

  • Use to make or your own unparalleled compost

  • Use to decrease surface impact (SEE SIDEBAR)

  • Use rabbit manure to make your very own amazing indoor potting mix

  • Use as a mulch

  • Rabbit manure is ideal for use in making or maintaining your own worm nursery 

  • You can use rabbit manure to give newly planted vegetation a super boost

  • Use it to feed aquatic plants (NOTE: Not recommended with indoor tanks with live fish)

  • Use rabbit manure when planting seeds to give them that first boost

  • Use to side dress currently growing plants

  • Use to correct problem areas on your lawn


Image by Markus Spiske

Benefits of Top-dressing 


Top-dressing Introduces a material into your soil that will:

  • Improve drainage. 

  • Allow the soil to exchange gases with the atmosphere better, 

  • Promote the development of soil microflora and microfauna, which are needed to break down thatch and grass clippings. 

  • Help repair lawn areas that have been damaged

Surface Impact


Surface impact is when a heavy water flow, such as rain splashes down on soils, causing erosion. This can expose plant roots or wash plants up completely. This will help to save water, and reduce your garden bill.

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