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Please meet our Blue Tort Pedigree Satin Angora buck Mr. Raisin Big Boy. And, what a big cuddly boy he is, weighing in at almost 10 lbs. He is utterly entrancing, from his playful attitude to his incredibly thick and extravagant wool. He is kind, loving, sweet, and silly. He enjoys playing in the over sized playpen, listening to music, and snuggle time. Did I mention what a ladies man he is? A proven buck, who is sure to provide beautiful babies for some time to come. 

He was born 1/15/2019. Raisin came to us via The Audacious Angora Farm in Newport Maine. He is a substantial fiber producer. With a coat that is overflowing in rich, fluffy, velvety, gorgeous wool with an average fiber length of 5 to 6 inches. His temperament makes him a wonderful pet, fiber producer, therapy animal, and Sire. These are traits we look for in his offspring. Please see our Upcoming Liters and Available Bunns page for more details.


Sorry, raisin is not for sale at this time, but his fiber is.


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