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Upcoming Litters &
Available Bunns


Sorry we do not have any available buns at this time. 

Please feel free to contact us to get on the wait list. 


Recent Litters

Buck: Raisin
Doe: Flower


Kits born February 2022
All kits are reserved at this time.


Buck: Raisin
Doe: Penuche


Kits born August 2021
All kits are reserved at this time.


Pricing varies, but typically ranges from $150 to $300 per rabbit.

  • 25% discount off second bunn 

What's included: ​​

  • Pedigree Satin Angora Rabbit of your choice​

  • Rabbit will be treated for mites, worms, and other diseases 

  • Rabbit Carrier Cage 

  • Carrier Resting Mat

  • Hay Rack 

  • Water bowl 

  • 20lb bag of rabbit food


What's not included:​​

  • A 30" x 24" x 16" minimum size rabbit cage, with thick heavy wire flooring (wire is better for an angora than a flat floor)

  • Three full-sized resting mats (necessary to prevent sore hocks)

  • Food dish

  • Interactive toys

  • Chews

  • A blower and grooming kit

  • Delivery   ​

We refer our clients to the following websites for quality/necessary items.


Delivery via auto to parts of New England

At this time, delivery to Concord NH is free!

New Hampshire: Outside of Concord $50 

Vermont: Anywhere $60

Maine: Lincoln and below: $50 / above: $100

Parts of Massachusetts: $100

This service is available on Mondays and Tuesdays only.

Delivery via air to parts of the U.S. 

To ship a rabbit via airplane within parts of the U.S.  the following additional purchases/costs are required:

  1. Official heath certificate for animal (market value usually $175)

  2. Round trip ticket for human who will sit with animal  (market value economy)

  3. Additional cost for rabbit to be allowed on plane (market value usually $150)


NOTE: due to Covid, air delivery has been placed on hold.

Wait List Form

 Please be sure to include desired color, gender, age, and what the animals intended use will be

i.e.: pet, breeding, fiber, meat, therapy, or show.

Also, please include delivery location. Thanks!

We will be in touch soon. Thanks!

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